Our Process – Property Management Made Simple

1. Click the button to receive your FREE Property Analysis!

2. Complete your Discovery Call & choose your pricing plan

3. Set an on-site evaluation & sign your management agreement

4. Sign up for our online portal & let us do the rest!

To see a complete Case-Study, continue below…

Case Study: Signing Up For Property Management

Hey there! Meet Susan!

Susan is an investor from Virginia and owns property in Central Florida.

She was stressing because her current management company was not communicating well with her during an eviction, and prolonged the eviction process…

Susan started looking online for other property management companies that could help her.

She found The Property Manager Guys 🙂

After looking over there website, she filled out the form to receive her Free Property Analysis automatically to her email!

The property analysis showed her she was not currently receiving market rent on her property. She wanted to learn more!

As soon as Jaclyn saw her submission, she setup a Discovery Call with Susan to discuss her property report.

Jaclyn was able to answer all of Susan’s questions and make her feel much less stressed!

How long will it take to rent my property?

“Our average tenant placement rate is under 17 days. We use our marketing systems and software to find the best tenants at the highest rental rates.”

Do you have a tenant guarantee?

“If your tenant leaves within the first 12 months, we will replace them free of charge.”

How do I know your company is reputable?

“Check out our Google Reviews! You will see that we are trusted by our clients.”

How does your fee structure work?

“We have 3 different percentage-based fee structures as well as a Lease-Only option.”

Susan ended up going with the 10% plan because she liked the extra benefits it had to offer (longer tenant warranty, property evaluations every 6 months, etc).

Then Susan picked a date for Jaclyn to go conduct her property evaluation and take pictures of the house.

Jaclyn evaluated the property and decided it was rent-ready, meaning that the condition of the house was up to The Property Manager Guys standards for their tenants.

Susan received the Property Management Agreement straight to her email and signed it electronically!

Then she signed up for the online portal, which allows her to see all her monthly statements in one convenient location!

Susan signed up for property management, had a new tenant, and her first statement within a month!

She was so excited to be hands off and to have a management company she could trust!

All because she filled out the form to receive a Free, Personalized Property Analysis!