Tenant FAQ

What Credit Score Do I Need To Rent A Property?

We use a point based system to determine approvals. See the point structure here. While credit scores are used, they are not the only factor.  We also look at verifiable income, previous rental history, and other items. Medical collections are sometimes excluded to give applicants the best opportunity to secure housing.

Do You Accept Pets?

Check the details of the listing for pet acceptance. If pets are accepted, a pet screening is required using a third party.  The link for pet screening is located on the available properties page at the top. The charges for pet screening are collected directly from the third party, petscreening.com.

Do You Accept Section 8 And/Or Housing Vouchers?

Each property has different requirements. Check the details of the listing to see if the property is qualified for Section 8 and/or a housing voucher. 

How Much Does It Cost To Move In To A Property?

Check the details of the listing for specific requirements. Generally, we require First Month’s Rent (pro-rated based on move-in date), Last Month’s Rent, Security Deposit equal to 1 months rent amount up to $1,000.00, the Mandatory Liability Insurance of $9.50, and any Pet Deposits or Fees. Some properties may require additional deposits based on application screening and results of the point based approvals. As well, some properties may not require last month’s rent. We require the funds to be paid within 24 hour of lease signing. (i.e. Move In on the 1st of the month on a $1,000.00/mo house with no pets would be $3,009.50.  First Month’s Rent = $1,000.00, Last Month’s Rent $1,000.00,  Security Deposit $1,000.00 and $9.50 liability insurance).

How Long Does It Take To Process My Application?

Applications are processed in the order they are received. Once all required information (income verification, paystubs for last 30 days, and landlord verification) is received and the application fees are remitted from applicant, the processing of the application occurs. The processing can take 3-5 business days. If you have applied for a property and an applicant prior to you has been approved, a portion of your application fees will be refunded. 

Are Utilities Included In The Rent Amount?

Check the details of the listing. If any utility costs are included, it will be listed with all of the details of the property. 

Do You Rent To Anyone Who Has Had Prior Evictions?

We use a point based system to determine approvals. See the point structure here. While we do check for previous evictions, they are not the only factor.  We look at verifiable income, credit score, and other items. If an eviction occurred more than 3-5 years ago and any outstanding amounts due are verified as paid, we can still possibly obtain an approval. An additional deposit may be required depending on other screening factors.

How Do I Apply To Rent A Property?

You can apply for any property directly on the “Available Homes For Rent” page.  Simply go to the listing and click “APPLY.”

How To Apply For A Property

How Can I Go Look At A Property?

We do self-showings for all of our properties. To setup a showing, go to the Available Homes For Rent page and click “SCHEDULE A SHOWING.”

You may also call us at 407-504-0177 and press Option 1. 

Am I Required To Have Insurance?

As a condition of our lease, we require all residents to carry liability insurance ($100,000) for damage to the landlord’s property during the term of their lease. To satisfy this lease requirement, you have options:  Purchase Renters Insurance through Roost Insurance or enroll in the Liability to Landlord option. We are not soliciting you and you are under no obligation to participate in our Legal Liability to Landlord Insurance Program. You may satisfy the lease requirement by obtaining a personal renters insurance or liability insurance policy from an insurance agent or insurance company of your choice and providing proof of coverage (a copy of the declarations page) for the duration of your lease. To see more information about insurance options click here.

Do I Need Landlord References?

Yes, previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect cooperative attitude, timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding: noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no unpaid NSF checks, and no damage to unit or failure to leave the property clean and without damage at time of lease termination.